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We believe in the excellence of ministry and we train and mentor our graduates to allow them do the works of ministry and at the same time focus themselves to Biblical training through our Christian Leadership Institute, the curriculum publishing arm of CHRISTIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY (CIST).


Our training  rests on our commitment to be of service to students through the provision of an environment where there would be opportunities to relate theories and knowledge to practical training. With this theory in Education, CIST then dedicated itself to the molding of future professionals in attaining, a dream, to take an active role in the education and training of the students, workers, professionals through continuous innovation of education program and evaluation of ministry needs.


For Internet Posting, please email the Dean, REGISTER & SEND: Resume or Bio-Data, 1x1, 2x2 pictures and Graduation Pictures,  to: admissions@cistonline.org 


    Dr. Victor C. Balcita, M.D. - Medical Missionary - Pastor - Jesus Christ Sabaoth Church

"The program is fitting and proper for pastors, workers of the Lord..." (read more)

   Rev. Hatie Naraine - Missions Director - Bread of Life Humanitarian Ministry, Inc.

" I am impressed with the comprehensive curriculum that is being offered. The approach is highly individualized..." (read more)

OUR GRADUATES - Please Request the LISTS to:  admissions@cistonline.org 

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      ○ MARCH 2006 - Bangkok, Thailand



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