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Book 1 · Counterfeit Christianity (Cults) Book1      Test Questions      
Chapter1: Introduction  

  Chapter2: Cults and Historical Heresy

  Chapter3: Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses

  Chapter4: Christian Science , Unity and New Thought, and Scientology

  Chapter5: Worldwide Church of God, The Way, Unification Church

  Chapter6: Occultism, Satanism , and New Age Overview

  Chapter7: The New Age Movement

  Chapter8: Discerning the Cults

  Chapter9: The Christian Response


Book 2 · Life of Jesus The Messiah Book2      Test Questions       
  Chapter1: The Eternal Christ

  Chapter2: The Promised Messiah

  Chapter3: The Historical Jesus

  Chapter4: The Birth of Christ

  Chapter5: Character and Claims

  Chapter6: Teaching and Miracles

  Chapter7: Death and Resurrection

  Chapter8: Christ's Present reign


Book 3 · The Church and Ministry Book3      Test Questions       

  Chapter1: The Birth of the Church

  Chapter2: Unity in the Church

  Chapter3: The Witness of the Church

  Chapter4: The Life of the Church

  Chapter5: The Church’s Challenges

  Chapter6: The Organization of the Church

  Chapter7: Lessons from the Early Church

  Chapter8: The Triumph of the Church


Book 4 · The Ministry and Calling Book4      Test Questions       

  Chapter1: God's Calling

  Chapter2: God's Enabling

  Chapter3: Ministry Principles

  Chapter4: Mobilized to Serve

  Chapter5: Ministry Balance

  Chapter6: The Integrity Principle

  Chapter7: Critical Issues

  Chapter8: Team Ministry


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