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Book 1 · Biblical Overview & Survey Book1      Test Questions      
  Chapter1: The Pentateuch

  Chapter2: The Old Testament Historical Books

  Chapter3: The Poetical Books

  Chapter4: The Major Prophets

  Chapter5: The Minor Prophets

  Chapter6: The New Testament Historical Books

  Chapter7: The Pauline Epistles

  Chapter8: The Non-Pauline Epistles and Revelation


Book 2 · Revival History & Principles Book2      Test Questions    

  Chapter1: What Is Revival

  Chapter2: Reformation And The Great Awakening

  Chapter3: Second Great Awakening

  Chapter4: 19th and 20th Century Revivals

  Chapter5: Healing and Charismatic Revivals

  Chapter6: Revival Today

  Chapter7: Features and Conditions of Revival

  Chapter8: The Coming Revival


Book 3 · Studying the Bible Effectively Book3      Test Questions    

  Chapter1: The World’s Greatest Book

  Chapter2: The Reliable Revelation 

  Chapter3: Effective Bible Study

  Chapter4: General Principles of Interpretation

  Chapter5: Grammatical, Historical, and Theological Principals

  Chapter6: Bible Study Techniques  

  Chapter7: Principles of Application  

  Chapter8: Applying The Bible Today

Book 4 · Spirit Filled Living Book4      Test Questions

  Chapter1: Repentance and Spiritual Growth

  Chapter2: Living in the Word and Forgiveness

  Chapter3: Baptism and the Lord's Table

  Chapter4: The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Language

  Chapter5: The wonders of prayer

  Chapter6: Prayer fasting and integrity

  Chapter7: Submission and solitude

  Chapter8: Worship and seasons of Travail


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