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Book 1 · Who Was Jesus Book1      Test Questions    
  Chapter1. Did Jesus Exist. Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible
  Chapter2. Jesus’ Birthplace and Jesus’ Home
  Chapter3. Has Jesus’ Nazareth House Been Found
  Chapter4. Did Jesus Marry
  Chapter5. Sidebar: “From Saint to Sinner”
  Chapter6. Was Jesus’ Last Supper a Seder
  Chapter7. Sidebar: “When Passover Begins: The Synoptics versus John”

Book 2 · Israel - An Archeological Hourney Book2      Test Questions      

  Chapter1. The Fury of Babylon
  Chapter2. Vegas on the Med
  Chapter3. How Jewish was Sepphoris in Jesus' TIme
  Chapter4. Where Masada's Defenders Fell
  Chapter5. A New Reconstruction of Paul's Prison

Book 3 · Masada - The Dead Sea's Desert Fortress Book3      Test Questions    

  Chapter1. The Last Days and Hours at Masada
  Chapter2. Scribe Link Qumram and Masada
  Chapter3. Its a Natural - Masada Ramp Was Not a Roman Engineering Miracle
  Chapter4. Masada - Arms and the Man
  Chapter5. Where Masada's Defenders Fell


Book 4 · Life In the Ancient World Book4      Test Questions
  Chapter1. Jerusalem Flourishing—A Craft Center for Stone, Pottery, and Glass
  Chapter2. Sidebar: Refuse from a First-Century Glass Factory
  Chapter3. Sidebar: Making Kohl Sticks
  Chapter4. Of Fathers, Kings and the Deity
  Chapter5. Archaeology Odyssey’s Ancient Life:
  Chapter6. Table Manners?
  Chapter7. Temple Dancers
  Chapter8. Letter Perfect
  Chapter9. Desert Fruit
  Chapter10. The Eyes Have It
  Chapter11. Practical Papyrus
  Chapter12. Need a Lift?
  Chapter13. Roman Haute Cuisine


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