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Book 1  History of Christian Doctrine 1 Book1      Test Questions    
  Chapter1.The Study of Doctrine in Church History

  Chapter2. Early Post-Apostolic Writers, A.D. 90-140

  Chapter3. Early Heresies

  Chapter4. The Greek Apologists, A.D. 130-180

  Chapter5. The Old Catholic Age, A.D. 170-325

  Chapter6. The Ecumenical Catholic Age, A.D. 325-787

  Chapter7. The Canon of Scripture

  Chapter8. The Doctrine of God

  Chapter9. The Doctrine of Christ

  Chapter10. The Doctrines of Humanity and Salvation

  Chapter11. The Doctrine and Structure of the Church

  Chapter12. The Early Sacraments

  Chapter13. Pagan Influences

  Chapter14. The Early Middle Ages, A.D. 600-1100

  Chapter15. The Later Middle Ages, A.D. 1100-1500

  Chapter16. The Medieval Doctrinal System

  Chapter17. The Road to the Reformation


  A. Dates in the History of Christianity

  B. Oneness Believers in History

  C. Ancient Creeds

  D. Baptism in Jesusí Name in History

  E. Speaking in Tongues in History

  F. Holiness Teaching in History

  G. Development of Roman Catholicism


Book 2  History of Christian Doctrine 2 Book2      Test Questions      

  Chapter1. The Protestant Reformation
  Chapter2. Martin Luther and Early Lutheran Theology
  Chapter3. Ulrich Zwingli and Early Reformed Theology
  Chapter4. The Anabaptists
  Chapter5. The Radical Reformation
  Chapter6. John Calvin and His Reformed Theology
  Chapter7. The Reformation in Great Britain
  Chapter8. The Catholic Reformation
  Chapter9. Lutheran Orthodoxy
  Chapter10. Reformed Orthodoxy
  Chapter11. The Pietists and the Methodists
  Chapter12. The Nineteenth Century
  Chapter13. The Holiness Movement
  A. Dates in the History of Christianity
  B. Oneness Believers in History
  C. Baptism in Jesusí Name in History
  D. Speaking in Tongues in History
  E. Holiness Teaching in History 1

Book 3  History of Christian Doctrine 3 Book3      Test Questions    

  Chapter1. The Pentecostal Movement
  Chapter2. The Finished Work Controversy
  Chapter3. The Jesus Name Controversy
  Chapter4. Oneness Pentecostal Organizations
  Chapter5. Trinitarian Pentecostal Organizations
  Chapter6. Liberalism and Neo-Orthodoxy
  Chapter7. Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism
  Chapter8. Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy
  Chapter9. The Healing Revival and the Latter Rain Movement
  Chapter10. The Charismatic Movement
  Chapter11. Christianity Today
  A. Dates in the History of Christianity, 1900-2000
  B. Early Pentecostal Leaders Baptized in Jesusí Name
  C. Answering the Charge of Cultism
  D. Response to a Cult Hunter
  E. Major U.S. Pentecostal Organizations
  F. Major Jesus Name Pentecostal Organizations
  G. Major United Pentecostal National Organizations


Book 4  Church History Readings Book4      Test Questions
  1. The Church's Encounter with the Roman Empire
  2. Pagan Reaction to Christian Expansion and the End Result
  3. Manicheism
  4. The Age of Diocletian
  5. Gnosticism
  6. Challenges that Faced the Church in the Third Century
  7. The Trinitarian Controversy
  8. The Christological Controversy


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