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Book 1 · Pastoral Ministry Book1      Test Questions    
The Biblical Basis for Pastoral Ministry
  Lesson 1-2 – Pastoral Responsibility
  Lesson 3 – The Call to the Pastoral Ministry
The Individual that God Uses in Pastoral Ministry
The Challenge of the Pastoral Ministry
  Lesson 4 – The Heart of the Pastor
  Lesson 5 – The Example of the Pastor
  Lesson 6 – Balanced Pastoral Ministry
The Personal Disciplines of Pastoral Ministry
  Lesson 7 – The Pastor’s Schedule
  Lesson 8 – The Pastor’s Study Life
  Lesson 9 – The Pastor’s Apparel, Poise and Mannerisms
  Lesson 10 – Ethical Conduct for Pastors
  Lesson 11-12 – Ministerial Confidentiality
The Public Functions of Pastoral Ministry
  Lesson 13 – Administering Water Baptism
  Lesson 14 – Communion
  Lesson 15 – Dedication of Infants

  Lesson 16 – Pre-Marital Counseling Guidelines for Pastors
  Lesson 17 – Performing Weddings

  Lesson 18 – Handling Funerals

  Lesson 19 – Hospital Visitation

Other Functions of Pastoral Ministry
  Lesson 20 – Church Discipline

  Lesson 21 – Training a Pastoral Team

  Lesson 22 – Pastoring through Small Groups

  Lesson 23 – Working with an Eldership
  Lesson 24 – The Pastor’s Family


Book 2 · Developing Ministry Skills Book2      Test Questions      

  1. The Process of Developing Ministry skills
  2. Developing Ministry Skills Through Observation
  3. Developing Ministry Skills Through Participation
  4. Developing Ministry Skills Through Doing and Reporting - Part I
  5. Developing Ministry Skills Through Doing and Reporting - Part II
  6. Developing Ministry Skills Through Doing and Reporting - Part III
  7. Developing Ministry Skills Through Joint Ministry - Park I
  8. Developing Ministry Skills Through Joint Ministry - Part II
  9. Developing Ministry Skills by Reproduction
  10. Developing Wisdom as a Ministry Skill
  11. Developing Boldness as a Ministry Skill
  12. Developing Vision as a Ministry Skill
  13. Developing a Personal strategy as a Ministry Skill
  14. Developing a Team Ministry as a Ministry Skill

Book 3 · Small Group Leadership Training Manual Book3      Test Questions    

I. Personal development to fulfill our purpose - Philippians 3:10-14
  A. Where am I at in my spiritual development?
    1. Understanding the new born babe - I Peter 2:2, I Thess. 2:7-12
    2. Understanding the toddler - I Corinthians 3:1-3, 13:11, Ephesians 4:14, Hebrews 5:11-14
    3. Understanding the spiritual child - I John 2:12-14
    4. Understanding the spiritual young man - I John 2:12-14
    5. Understanding the spiritual parent - I Thess. 2:7-12, I John 2:12-14
    6. Understanding the spiritual parent with Timothys - I Cor. 4:14-17, II Timothy 2:2
  B. Am I growing in my level of spiritual maturity?
  C. How do I grow to the next level of spiritual maturity?
  D. How do I help others grow to the next level of spiritual maturity?
  E. How do I help a small group grow to the next level of spiritual maturity?
II. Personal priorities for effective small group leadership - Exodus 18:19-21
  A. Pray for those you lead
  B. Teach them the Word of God
  C. Show them the way to walk
  D. Show them the work to do
  E. Share the work with them according to their level of spiritual maturity - Exodus 18:21, Acts 6:3
III. Helping the group move from fear to love so they can minister to one another
  A. How fear originally developed
  B. Understanding why fear controls our lives
  C. Understanding the three kinds of love
  D Understanding how godly love casts out fear
  E. Helping the group take root in the love of Christ
  F. Understanding why we can act in love when we yield to God
  G. Understanding the negative one anothers when fear is in control
  H. Understanding the positive one anothers when love is in control
IV. Helping the group understand its “SHAPE”
  A. Understanding how spiritual gifts affect out ministry to one another
  B. Understanding how our “heart” affects ministry to one another
  C. Understanding how our abilities affect our ministry to one another
  D. Understanding how our personalities affect our ministry to one another
  E. Understanding how our life experiences affect our ministry to one another
V. Helping the group move toward ministry to the world
  A. Developing a prayer ministry for unsaved relatives and friends
  B. Learning to work with the Holy Spirit -John 16:8-11
  C. Understanding where people are at in their spiritual understanding
    1. Some need to begin at creation
    2. Some need clarification
    3. Some need compassion
    4. Some need confrontation
  D. Understanding how to help a person place his trust in Christ
    1. understanding separation from God by sin
    2. understanding the importance of the death of Christ
    3. understanding the importance of the resurrection of Christ
    4. understanding the meaning of repentance
    5. understanding the meaning of saving faith
    6. explaining to a person how to make a commitment to Christ
VI. Helping the group move toward reproduction (developing group leadership)
  A. Selecting potential leaders - “Come and See” (godly serving)
  B. Teaching potential leaders - “Come and Grow” (growing in maturity)
  C. Training potential leaders - “Come and Serve” (growing in ministry)
  D. Sharing leadership of ministry - “Come and Shepherd”
  E. Commissioning new leadership - “as you are going, Make Disciples”
VII. Helping the group move toward multiplication (developing spiritual parenting)
  A. Training leaders how to select potential leaders
  B. Training leaders to help potential leaders grow to maturity
  C. Training leaders to train potential leaders
  D. Training leaders to share increasing levels of leading and shepherding
  E. Training leaders to develop new ministries


Book 4 · Pastors Training Pack Book4      Test Questions
  Chapter I What went Right/What went Wrong
  Chapter II The Ultimate Destroyer!
  Chapter III Living Honestly
  Chapter IV Understanding Conflict
  Chapter V Understanding Forgiveness
  Chapter VI Understanding the Love of Christ
  Chapter VII Picking on the Pastor
  Chapter VIII How To Stop the Disease of Rebellion
  Chapter IX Issues That Keep People Away from the Church
  Chapter X The Responsibility of the Church
  Chapter XI The Leadership Challenge
  Chapter XII Preventing and Resolving Conflict
  Chapter XIII The Praying Church
  Chapter XIV What the Healthy Church looks like
  Chapter XV Preparing the Pastor and Church Leadership to Grow!
  Chapter XVI A Primer on How to Lead and Manage the Church
  Chapter XVII Mobilize the People in your Church by their Spiritual Gifts
  Chapter XVIII Starting to Train your Leaders and Congregation
  Chapter XIX Servant Leadership
  Chapter XX Designing Constant Meeting and Action Plans
  Chapter XXI Goal-Setting Strategies and Budgeting Ideas
  Chapter XXII Church Growth Principles that are Real, that Work, and are Biblical
  Chapter XXIII Church Diseases
  Chapter XXIV Managing our Personal Lives in Godly Terms
  Chapter XXV How to Find Out if Your Church is Visitor Friendly
  Chapter XXVI Practical Strategies for Prayer
  Chapter XVIII How to Recruit Volunteers
  Chapter XXIX The Problem With Most Church Growth Paradigms


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