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GRADUATE STUDIES - Graduate Program

Book 1 · Intercessory Prayer Book1      Test Questions    
  1. An Introduction To Prayer
  2. Intercessory Prayer
  3. Spiritual Resources For Intercession
  4. How To Intercede
  5. Hindrances To Effective Intercession
  6. Using The Model Prayer To Intercede
  7. Interceding For Revival
  8. Getting Started And Keeping Going
     Appendix One: Index Of Prayers In The Bible
     Appendix Two: Study Guide: Biblical Intercession


Book 2 · Healing - A Battle For Body Book2      Test Questions      
  1. Kingdoms In Conflict
  2. A Call To Arms
  3. Before The Battle
  4. The Source Of Sickness
  5. The Reasons For Sickness
  6. Types Of Sickness
  7. The End Results Of Sickness
  8. The Biblical Basis Of Healing
  9. The Purposes Of Healing
10. The Gifts Of Healing
11. The Traditions Of Men
12. A Thorn In The Flesh
13. Unanswered Questions
14. Ministering Healing
15. Healing Follow-Up Ministry
16. The Ultimate Healing
17. "Whom Satan Hath Bound"
18. Ministering Deliverance
19. Deliverance Follow-Up Ministry
20. Well Warriors
     Appendix A: A Diagnostic Analysis
     Appendix B: The Biblical Basis Of Healing And Deliverance
     Appendix C: Analysis Form


Book 3 · Altar Counselor's Guide Book3      Test Questions       
Types Of Altar Calls
     The Altar Counselor’s Role
     General Guidelines
     Counseling Those Who Respond For Salvation
  2. Ministering To Those In Need Of Salvation
     Questions About Salvation 
     Key Verses About Salvation
     Counseling Those Who Respond To Receive The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
  3. Ministering To Those Needing The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
     Questions About The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
     Key Verses About The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
     Counseling Those Who Respond For Commitment
  4. Ministering To A Person Responding For Commitment
     Questions About Commitment
     Key Verses About Commitment
     Counseling Those Who Respond For Healing
  5. Ministering To Those In Need Of Healing
     Questions About Healing
     Key Verses About Healing
     Counseling Those Who Respond For Deliverance
  6. Ministering To Those In Need Of Deliverance
     Questions About Deliverance
     Key Verses About Deliverance


Book 4 · Counterfeit Christianity (Cults) Book4      Test Questions      
Chapter1: Introduction
  Chapter2: Cults and Historical Heresy
     Introduction to Cults
     Cults and Historical Heresy
     Pre-Reformation Historical Heresy
     Post-Reformation Historical Heresy

  Chapter3: Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses
     Joseph Smith and the Founding of Mormonism
     Mormon Scriptures
     Mormon Doctrine
     Mormon Growth and Influence
     Jehovah’s Witnesses’ History
     Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Doctrine
  Chapter4: Christian Science , Unity and New Thought, and Scientology
     Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science
     Christian Science Doctrine
     Unity History and Doctrine
  Chapter5: Worldwide Church of God, The Way, Unification Church
     The Worldwide Church of God
     The Way International
     The Unification Church
     The Hare Krishnas and Baha’i
  Chapter6: Occultism, Satanism , and New Age Overview
     Occultism, Spiritualism, and Theosophy
     Satanic Cults
     New Age Overview
  Chapter7: The New Age Movement
     Eastern Mysticism and New Age Philosophy
     Astrology, Neo-Paganism, and Witchcraft
     Crystals, Visualization, and Holistic Health
     Materialism, Motivational Management, and Music
     Conspiracy Theories
  Chapter8: Discerning the Cults
     Destructive Cults
     Deprogramming and Exit Counseling
     Fundamentalist Fringe Groups 
  Chapter9: The Christian Response
     Common Heresies
     Witnessing Techniques
     Worldwide Cult Expansion
     The Challenge of the Cults


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