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GRADUATE STUDIES - Graduate Program

Book 1 · Mobilization Methodologies Book1      Test Questions       
1. Mobilization Or Manipulation?
  2. The Biblical Basis of Mobilization
  3. The Fire Of God
  4. The Glory Of God
  5. The Purposes Of God's Glory
  6. How To Glorify God
  7. The Ark Is Coming!
  8. Restoring The Tabernacle Of David
  9. Wanted: Worshipers!
10. How To Worship
11. What Is Revival?
12. Old Testament Revivals
13. Biblical Principles Of Revival
14. The Mobilizer
15. The Mobilized
16. Principles Of Penetration
17. After Achor
18. A Tale Of Three Cities
19. Gift-Based Mobilization


Book 2 · Evangelism Ministry Book2      Test Questions    
 Introduction To Part One
  1. Leaven-Like Evangelism
  2. The Mandate
  3. The Message
  4. The Messengers
  5. Communicating The Message
  6. Recipients Of The Message
  7. The Methods: New Testament Principles
  8. The Methods: New Testament Parables
  9. The Methods: Personal Evangelism
10. The Methods: Dealing With Difficulties
11. The Methods: Saturation Evangelism
12. The Methods: Mass Evangelism
13. Decisions Or Disciples?
14. Planning For Evangelism
15. Networking For Evangelism
Introduction To Part Two
16. An Introduction To Healing And Deliverance
17. Variables That Affect Healing
18. "As You Go, Heal"
19. "As You Go, Deliver"
Introduction To Part Three
20. Church Planting: The Model
21. Church Planting: The Methods
22. Church Planting: The Multiplication
     APPENDIX: A Final Word


Book 3 · Women A Biblical Profile Book3      Test Questions      
  1. In The Beginning
  2. The Fall of Woman
  3. Strange and Virtuous Women
  4. The Book Of Ruth
  5. The Book Of Esther
  6. The Relationship Of Jesus To Women
  7. The Ministry Of Jesus To Women
  8. Women In The Book Of Acts
  9. Women In The Epistles: Specific Ministries
10. Women In The Epistles: Position In The Church
11. Women In The Epistles: Specialized Instructions
12. Your Place In Ministry
13. Challenges And Distinctions
14. Ministry To Women
15. All The Women Of The Bible


Book 4 · Jail and Prison Ministry Book4      Test Questions    
1 “You Came Unto Me”: The Biblical Mandate For Ministry
  2 Qualifications And Preparation
  3 Starting A Prison Ministry
  4 Corresponding With Inmates
  5 Visiting Inmates
  6 Conducting Group Meetings
  7 Ministering To Inmate’s Families
  8 Ministering To Death Row Inmates
  9 Post-Prison Ministry
10 Institutional And Inmate Typology
11 Dress And Safety Codes 
12 Relating To Inmates
13 Individualized Guidelines
     Conclusion: The Word Is Not Bound
     Appendix One: Dictionary
     Appendix Two: Scriptures Related To Prisoners
     Appendix Three: Ministry Resources



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