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GRADUATE STUDIES - Graduate Program

Book 1  Power Principles Book1      Test Questions      
1. Life After Religion
  2. The Source Of Power
  3. The Challenging Counterfeit
  4. "Never A Man Spake As He"
  5. Delegated Authority
  6. The Purposes Of Power
  7. Power Principle One: The Power Of The Gospel
  8. Power Principle Two: The Power Of The Holy Spirit
  9. Power Principle Three: The Power Of Love
10. Power Principle Four: The Anointing Of Power
11. Power Principle Five: Power, Faith, And Works
12. Power Principle Six: Power In The Name Of Jesus
13. Power Principle Seven: The Power Of Prayer
14. Power Principle Eight: The Power Of The Word
15. Power Principle Nine: Power Of Authority
16. Power Principle Ten: The Power Of His Resurrection
17. Power Principle Eleven: The Power Of Suffering
18. How To Experience The Power Of God
19. Power Failure
20. Facing The Opposition


Book 2  Biblical Management Book2      Test Questions       
  1. The Ministry Of Management
  2. Positions Of Leadership
  3. The Anointing To Lead
  4. Qualifications For Leaders
  5. Leading Like A Servant
  6. Leading Like a Shepherd
  7. Tasks Of Leaders
  8. Decision-Making
  9. Conflicts and Discipline
10. Training Leaders And Followers
11. Facing Failure
12. Success Principles
13. Counting The Cost


Book 3  Environmental Analysis Book3      Test Questions       
  1. The Environment
  2. Environmental Analysis
  3. The Biblical Basis: Old Testament
  4. The Biblical Basis: New Testament
  5. Personal Environmental Analysis
  6. Analyzing A People Group
  7. Analyzing An Area
  8. Analyzing A Nation
  9. Analyzing A Region
10. Analyzing An Existing Christian Organization
11. A Strategy For Planning


Book 4  Management By Objectives Book4      Test Questions     
  1. An Introduction To Management By Objectives
  2. A God Of Purpose
  3. Purpose
  4. Planning
  5. People And Procedures: Implementing The Plan
  6. Perfecting: Evaluating The Plan
     Appendix One: Doctrinal Statement
     Appendix Two: Statement Of Purpose
     Appendix Three: General Organization
     Appendix Four: Organizing People For Ministry
     Appendix Five: Planning



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