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GRADUATE STUDIES - Graduate Program

Book 1  Creative Bible Study Methods Book1      Test Questions    
  1. Introducing The Bible
  2. The Books Of The Bible
  3. Versions Of The Bible
  4. Before You Begin
  5. Bible Study Tools
  6. Principles Of Interpretation
  7. Bible Background
  8. Outlining, Marking, And Charting
  9. Studying The Bible By The Bible
10. Devotional Bible Study
11. Book Study
12. Chapter Study
13. Paragraph Study
14. Verse Study
15. Word Study
16. Topical Bible Study
17. Biographical Study
18. The Theological Method
19. Studying Bible Poetry
20. Studying Bible Prophecy
21. The Typological Method


Book 2  Developing A Biblical Worldview Book2      Test Questions       
  1. In The Beginning
  2. A Divided World
  3. Seeing The World As God Sees It
  4. The World In The Word: Old Testament
  5. The World In The Word: New Testament
  6. The Church In The World
  7. The Waiting World
  8. Becoming A World Christian
  9. International Intercession
10. Sharing The Biblical World View
11. Then Shall The End Come


Book 3  Teaching Tactics Book3      Test Questions    
  1. An Introduction To Teaching
  2. A Teacher Come From God: The Mission
  3. A Teacher Come From God: The Message - Part I
  4. A Teacher Come From God: The Message - Part II
  5. A Teacher Come From God: The Methods - Part I
  6. A Teacher Come From God: The Methods - Part II
  7. Teaching Aids
  8. Analyzing The Audience
  9. Stating Objectives
10. Lesson Planning
11. Evaluation
12. Curriculum Selection
13. Teaching Illiterate Students
14. Teacher Training
15. An Introduction To Preaching
16. Planning A Sermon


Book 4  Methodologies of Multiplication Book4      Test Questions    
  1. Fishers Of Men
  2. The Day Of Small Things
  3. Parables Of Multiplication  
  4. One Plus One Equals More Than Two
  5. An Introduction To Church Growth
  6. Internal Growth
  7. Expansion Growth
  8. Extension Growth
  9. Bridging Growth
10. Decisions Or Disciples?
11. Stunted Growth
12. The Extension Training Center


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