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GRADUATE STUDIES - Graduate Program

Book 1  Kingdom Living Book1      Test Questions    

  1. The Invisible Kingdoms
  2. King Of Kings
  3. The Kingdom: Past, Present, Future
  4. Keys To The Kingdom
  5. Cast Out Of The Kingdom
  6. Patterns And Principles: An Introduction
  7. The Culture Of The Kingdom: Kingdom Principles - Part I
  8. The Culture Of The Kingdom: Kingdom Principles - Part II
  9. The Culture Of The Kingdom: Kingdom Principles - Part III
10. Kingdom Parables
11. Ambassadors Of The Kingdom


Book 2  Spiritual Warfare Book2      Test Questions       
  1. The Invisible War
  2. Enlisting In God's Army
  3. The Commander-In-Chief: The Lord Of Hosts
  4. The Spiritual Forces Of Good: Angels
  5. The Enemy: Satan
  6. The Spiritual Forces Of Evil: Demons
  7. Enemy Territory
  8. Enemy Strategy
  9. God's Battle Plan
10. Offensive And Defensive Warfare
11. Defensive Weapons
12. Offensive Weapons
13. Natural Parallels Of Spiritual Warfare
14. Entering The Combat Zone: Battling The World And The Flesh

15. The Battle In The Mind
16. The Battle With The Tongue
17. The Battle Over The Walls
18. Battles Over Strategic Territory
19. Transference Of Spirits
20. Spiritual Wickedness In High Places
21. Dealing With Demonic Powers
22. Casualties Of War
23. How To Lose A Battle And Win The War
24. The Final Conflict
APPENDIX - Decisive Battles Of The Bible


Book 3  The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Book3      Test Questions    
  1. Introducing The Holy Spirit
  2. Representing The Holy Spirit
  3. The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit
  4. The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
  5. Introduction To The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
  6. Special Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
  7. Speaking Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
  8. Serving Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
  9. Sign Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
10. Discovering Your Spiritual Gift
11. Fruit Of the Holy Spirit
12. The Works Of The Flesh
13. Developing Spiritual Fruit
     Appendix: Passages On Spiritual Gifts


Book 4  Knowing God's Voice Book4      Test Questions      
  1. Knowing The Voice Of God
  2. "If Any Man Will Do...He Shall Know"
  3. The Will Of God
  4. Heading The Wrong Direction
  5. The Pattern Of God's Will
  6. How God Speaks To Man
  7. The Bush Still Burns
  8. Questionable Practices
  9. A Biblical Model For Decision Making
10. Tried And Failed?
11. God's Will And Suffering
12. Six Stages Of Revelation


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