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Book 1  Discerning Good and Evil 
28. The First Commandment                 
29. The Second Commandment            
30. The Third Commandment                
31. The Fourth Commandment              
32. The Fifth Commandment                 
33. The Sixth Commandment                
34. The Seventh Commandment            
35. The Eight Commandment                
36. The Ninth & Tenth Commandments


Book1      Test Questions





Book 2 Spiritual Warfare

37. The Authority of Those in Christ Jesus

38. Weapons of Warfare - Ours and Satan's

39. Weapons of Warfare (continued)

40. Demons - Get Them Out and Keep Them Out            
41. Demons (continued)

42. Setting the Captives Free

43. Healing/Health and Prospering/Prosperity

44. Healing/Health and Prospering/Prosperity (continued)


Book2      Test Questions





Book 3 Ministry Growth 1

45. Prayer                     
46. Prayer and Fasting   
47. Stewardship             
48. Money Management


Book3      Test Questions




Book 4 Ministry Growth 2

49. Marriage                                            
50. Divorce and Re-Marriage                   

51. God's Example and Order for Parents 
52. Divine Guidance


Book4      Test Questions




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