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Book 1 Intercessory Prayer Book1      Test Questions  
An Introduction To Prayer

  2. Intercessory Prayer

  3. Spiritual Resources For Intercession

  4. How To Intercede

  5. Hindrances To Effective Intercession

  6. Using The Model Prayer To Intercede

  7. Interceding For Revival

  8 .Getting Started And Keeping Going

      - Appendix One: Index Of Prayers In The Bible

      - Appendix Two: Study Guide: Biblical Intercession


Book 2 Church History 2 Book2      Test Questions 
Part 5—The Church in Modern Europe
  1. An Age of Orthodoxy - The Seventeenth Century
  2. An Age of Rationalism - The Eighteenth Century
  3. An Age of Science - The Nineteenth Century
Part 6—The Church in America
4. An Era of Settlement - The Seventeenth Century
  5. Breaking of Ties and Revival - The Eighteenth Century
  6. Revival, Social Concerns, and Liberalism - The Nineteenth Century
Part 7—The Church in the Contemporary World
External Opposition to Christianity
Developments Within Christianity - Ecumenical Efforts
Developments Within Christianity - Decadence, Renewal, and the Advance of Women
Developments Within Christianity - Evangelical Advance
Response to the Gospel - Europe
Response to the Gospel - The Far East
Response to the Gospel - Africa, the Muslim World, and Latin America
Response to the Gospel - Worldwide Ministries
Doctrinal Developments
The Challenge Before the Church


Book 3 Discipleship Model Book3      Test Questions  
Part 1 Making Discipling Works
  1. A Biblical Viewpoint
  2. General Plans
  3. Principles to Follow In Discipling
  4. Teaching the Lessons
  5. Building A Reproducer
Part 2 Organizational Plans, Procedures, Methods for Discipling
1. Organizational Plans for the Discipling Ministry
  2. Procedures for the Disciplers In the Discipling Ministry
  3. Establishing the New Convert through  a Discipling Ministry
Part 3 Ministering the Right Way
  1. Ministering the Right Way or the Wrong Way
  2. How Can We Build People’s Lives?
  3. Building People’s Lives!


Book 4 Cell Group Leader's Course Book4      Test Questions  

  1. Biblical Basis For Home Meetings

  2. Significance of Home Meetings

  3. Description of the Cell Group Meetings

  4. Philosophy for Home Cell Group Meetings

  5. Groupings & Format of Home Cell Group Meetings

  6. Opportunities for Home Cell Groups

  7. The Objectives of The Cell System

  8. The Qualifications of a Cell Leader

  9. Practical Qualifications of a Cell Leader

10. The Preparation of a Cell Leader

11. The Training of a Cell Group Leader

12  The Ministry of a Cell Leader

13  The Cell Leader ass a Shepherd 

14. Leading the Cell Group Meeting - Part 1

15. Leading the Cell Group Meeting - Part 2

16. Leading the Cell Group Meeting - Part 3

17. Teaching With Authority

18. Basic Counseling

19. Opening, Dividing, Closing the Cell Meeting

20. The Life Cycle of a Cell Group

21. The Normal Life of a Cell Group

22. The Attitude & Relationship of a Cell Leaders

23. Appendix 1 – THE A-B-C’s OF SALVATION



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