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Bachelors Degree Curriculum    

Module Program      click Biblical Study      

Module Program      click Ministry - Pastoral - Missions - Counseling      

Module Program      click Christian Education                                   

Module Program      click Theology - Apologetics


1. Register Online - after reading:

    >> or Download Forms >>>  Bachelor   Registration Form 

    >> Fill-In the INFO...  Attach to your Email.

2. Pay the Enrollment + Misc. Fee for (1) Module Degree Program.

    >> Tuition Fee Scholarship Links will be sent through your email, if qualified.

3. We will confirm your Registration. E-books will be sent in PDF & Word.

    >> Download them to your PC for personal use only, not for sale.

    >> Read, Study, Answer and Send your completed Test Assignments back to us.

4. Please Check the ff:

    >> 2 X 2 ID picture - jpg format.

    >> Scanned Grade Form or Transcript of Records

          >>Transcript of Records from the last school attended for Evaluation and Advising..

    >> Certificate of Good Moral Character from a Pastor or Church Leader..

    >> One (1) Page - Testimony & Vision for Ministry.

    >> Download your Course Module Checklist

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FINANCIAL INFORMATION: **Accepts Paypal & Credit Card Payments or Donations**

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Credit from a completed Diploma Program(s) may be transferred into a degree program.

   Please contact the school for information on transferal of credits.


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