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Book 1 Doctrine of the Bible Book1      Test Questions   

    1. How The Bible Came into being

    2. Views on the Bible

    3. What Great Personalities Have Said About the Bible

    4. Symbols of the Bible

    5. The Supreme Authority of the Bible

    6. How the Sixty-Six Books of the Bible Were Collected and Preserve

    7. Important Historical Translations of the Bible

    8. Proofs that the Bible is the Word of God


Book 2 Doctrine of Man Book2      Test Questions   

    1. His Origin

    2. His Nature

    3. His Original Duties and Responsibilities

    4. His Tragic Sin and Fall

    5. His Present-Day Condition

    6. His Destiny


Book 3 Doctrine of Sin Book3      Test Questions  

   1. The Definition and Meaning of Sin

   2. The Origin of Sin

   3. The Nature of Sin 

   4. The Universality of Sin

   5. The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

   6. The Consequences of Sin

   7. The imputation of Sin

   8. The Kinds of Sin

   9. The Metaphors of Sin

  10. The Christian's Sin

  11. The Reasons for Sin

  12. The Ultimate and Final Victory Over Sin


Book 4  Doctrine of Salvation Book4      Test Questions  

   1. The Meaning of Salvation

   2. The Source of Salvation

   3. The False Hopes of Salvation

   4. The Three-fold Method of Salvation

   5. The Work of the Trinity in Salvation

   6. The Costliness of Salvation

   7. The OT Types of Salvation

   8. The Vocabulary of Salvation

   9. The Completeness of Salvation

 10. The Security of Salvation

 11. The Assurances of Salvation



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