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Book 1 Doctrine of the Trinity Book1      Test Questions   

    1. The Existence of God

    2. The Definition of God

    3. The Names of God

    4. The Nature of God

    5. The Attributes of God


Book 2 Doctrine of the Son Book2      Test Questions   

    1. Introduction

    2. The Pre-existence of Jesus Christ as God

    3. The OT Ministry of Jesus Christ

    4. The Virgin Birth Incarnation of Jesus Christ

    5. The Biblical Names and Titles of Jesus Christ

    6. The Humanity of Jesus Christ

    7. The Deity of Jesus Christ

    8. The Impeccability of Jesus Christ

    9. The Earthly Ministry of Jesus Christ

  10. The Character of Jesus Christ

  11. The Biographers of Jesus Christ

  12. The Kenosis (Divine Emptying) of Jesus Christ

  13. The Office of Jesus Christ

  14. The Death of Jesus Christ

  15. The Heart of the Earth Descent of Jesus Christ

  16. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  17. The Ascension and Present Ministry of Jesus Christ

  18. The Two-fold Future Coming of Jesus Christ

  19. The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ

  20. The OT Witnesses of Jesus Christ


Book 3  Doctrine of the Father Book3      Test Questions  

   1. He is the Father of All Life

   2. He is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

   3.  He is the Father of All Believers


Book 4 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Book4      Test Questions  

   1. The Personality of the Holy Spirit

   2. The Deity of the Holy Spirit

   3. The Names and Titles of the Holy Spirit

   4. The Emblems of the Holy Spirit

   5. The Various Ministries of the Holy Spirit



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