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Book 1 Biblical Basis & Key Elements in Counseling Book1  Test Questions  

   Part 1 – Biblical Basis  of Counseling 

     1. Basic Premises in Biblical Counseling

     2. The Goal of Biblical Counseling

     3. Bringing Restoration Is the Ministry of Counseling

     4. Answers, Observations and Goals In Counseling

     5. Understanding the Biblical Approach in Counseling

   Part 2 – Key Elements in Counseling 

     1. Introduction to Counseling

     2. The Key Elements in the Counseling Process

     3. Taking Counselee Inventory, Collecting Data

     4. Bringing Hope to the Counselee

     5. Interpreting Counselee Data


Book 2  Qualities of the Counselor Book2      Test Questions   

   Part 1 – Qualities of the Counselor 

     1. Building A Relationship With The Counselee

     2. The Importance of Motives and Involvement

     3. Common Commitments of Biblical Counselors

     4. Qualities and Characteristics We Must Have

   Part 2 – Ready To Restore Others 

     1. Ready to Restore

     2. Our Thoughts and How They Effect Us

     3. Do You Have the “Heart” of Your Child

     4. Implementing a Biblical Plan In Helping Others


Book 3  Dealing With Our Emotional Problem Book3      Test Questions  

    1. The Problem of Anger, and Hostility

    2. The Problem of Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

    3. The Problem of Selfishness

    4. The Problem of Infidelity, or Unfaithfulness

    5. The Problem of Self-pity

    6. The Problem of Being Up-tight (tension, pressures, and stress)

    7. The Problem of Depression (discouragements, and despondency)

    8. Overcoming Resentment and Bitterness


Book 4  Counseling People's Problem Book4      Test Questions  

    1. Helping People In the Midst of Their Depression

    2. Handling Guilt Biblically

    3. The Practice of Blameshifting

    4. Dealing With Stress Biblically

    5. Dealing With Worry

    6. How To Handle Anger

    7. Facing the Pressures of Life Biblically

    8. Handling Resentments and Bitterness

    9. Who Controls Your Thoughts

  10. Dealing With Child Sexual Abuse

  11. Facing Fears and Anxiety



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