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Book 1 Introduction to Biblical Counseling Book1      Test Questions  

   Part 1 – Jesus As Our Model of How Our Emotions Work 

    1. America's Largest Sunday School

    2. Empire of Evangelism

    3. A Great Sunday School

    4. The Fastest Growing Sunday School

    5. Young and Still Growing

    6. A Dream of Ten Thousand in Sunday School

    7. Sunday School with a Past and a Potential

    8. A Typical American Sunday School with a Total Educational Program

    9. The Youngest Sunday School in the Ten Largest

   10. The Whole Man Through the Total Educational Program

   11. Factors Causing Growth Based on the Church Program

   12. Factors Causing Growth Based on the Sunday School Program

   13. Methods of Research

   14. Statistics of Americas Ten largest Sunday School


Book 2  Biblical Counseling Manual Book2      Test Questions   

     1. Healthy Attitudes Lead To Success

     2. Recognize the Nature of the Sunday School

     3. Recognize the Role of the Sunday School Teacher

     4. Recognize Why Sunday Schools Are Not Growing

     5. Return to Traditional Laws of Sunday School Growth

     6. Recognizing Three Danger Levels of Growth

     7. Recognizing the Differences in Evangelism

     8. F.R.A.N.GELISM

     9. The Adult Bible Class

    10. Practical Steps to Grow the Sunday School Class

    11. How To Set an Attendance Goal

    12. Administering a Growing Sunday School


Book 3  Family Christian Counseling Book3      Test Questions  

   Part 1 – Jesus As Our Model of How Our Emotions Work 

     1. Commencing the Journey 

     2. Common Questions About Emotions 

     3. Can Jesus Be Our Model for Biblical EQ 

     4. The Holy Spirit and the Emotional Life of Jesus

     5. The Emotional Life of the Apostles, Prophets and 

     6. Great Christian Leaders

     7. The Emotional Life of Carnal Christians 

   Part 2 – The Inner Self and Our Emotional World 

     1. Perception

     2. Perception In and By the Spirit

     3. The Thoughts and Intentions of the Heart

     4. The Learning Organization

     5. Emotions and Our Physiology 

   Part 3 – Practical Techniques For Emotional Self-Mastery And Expression 

     1. The Masterful Mind

     2. Getting A Handle On Our Emotions

     3. Acting On and Reacting to Our Strong Emotions

     4. Recognizing and Understanding Emotions In Others

     5. The Appropriate Expression of Emotions

     6. Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing

        Appendix 1 – Teacher’ Guide


 Part I. Teaching Techniques 1

     1 . Fantastic Story Telling

     2. Teaching a Bible Lesson

     3. Gaining and Holding Your Child’s Attention

     4. Preparing a Bible Lesson

     5. The Importance of Child Development

     6. Presenting the Gospel Story

     7. Motivating Others for God’s Glory

   Part II. Teaching Techniques 2

     1. Ideas and helps on How to Teach a Lesson

     2. Teaching the Lesson

     3. Preparing to Teach the Word of God

     4. Keys to Unlocking the Word of God

     5. How to Successfully Teach Lesson Materials

     6. The Use of Gestures In Teaching


Book 4  Counseling Lecture Seminar Book4      Test Questions  

      1. Introduction To Christian Education

     2. Definitions & Contexts of Christian Education

     3. Old Testament Education

     4. New Testament Education

     5. History of Christian Education

     6. Important Information About Learning

     7. Developmentalism

     8. Physical & Intellectual Growth

     9. Developmental Approach to Christian Education

   10. Basic Questions for Teaching

   11. Educational Philosophy for Teaching

   12. Christian Teaching for Transformation

   13. Curriculum Design & Lesson Writing

   14. Book, Look, and Took

   15. Lesson Planning

   16. Curriculum Scope & Sequence

   17. Curriculum Evaluation

   18. Structures & Programs of Christian Education

   19. Recruiting & Developing Workers

   20. Dismissing Workers & Course Evaluation   



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