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Book 1 Successful Biblical Youth Work Book1      Test Questions  

    1. Setting The Scene

    2. Knowing The Teenager

    3. Identity Crisis & The Teenager

    4. The Purpose of Ministry To Youth

    5. The Church Program For Youth

    6. Teaching Teenagers

    7. Counseling Young People

    8. The Total Youth Program

    9. Summary and Conclusion


Book 2  Successful Lesson Preparation Book2      Test Questions   

     1. Getting Ready To Teach

     2. Writing The Lesson Plan

     3. Yardstick For Teachers

     4. Aims Give Direction To Teaching

     5. A Teacher Is Part Of The Team

     6. Sample Lesson Plan


Book 3  Teaching Teens Book3      Test Questions  

     1. By Having A Purpose 

     2. By Knowing The Pupil 

     3. By Following Good Principles

     4. By Careful Planning

     5. By Organizing The Program

     6. By Embracing Procedures

     7. By Interesting Presentation

     8. By Encouraging Pupil Participation

     9. By Guiding Through Problems

   10. By Adequate promotion

   11. By Proof Of The Pudding


Book 4  The Single Adult and The Church Book4      Test Questions  

      1. The Enigma Of The Single Adult

     2. Who Is The Young Single Adult

     3. The Young Single Adult And His Problems

     4. Helping Young Single Adults Solve Problems

     5. Program In The Church For The Young Single Adult

     6. Young Single Adults - A Challenge For The Church

     7. Young Single Adults - Their Opportunity



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