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Book 1 Christian Education & the Christian Educator Book1  Test Questions  

  Part I. What is Christian Education

    1. The Christian Philosophy of Education

    2. Concise Statement of A Biblical Philosophy

    3. Is There A Philosophy of Christian Education

    4. A Definition of Christian Education

    5. The Importance of a Philosophy of Christian Education

  Part II. The Christian Educator

   1. Twelve Advantages of Christian Education

   2. The Christian School Teacher As a Counselor

   3. The Goals of Christian Education

   4. The Advantages of a Christian Education

   5. Counseling Our Youth


Book 2  Christ the Teacher & His Worker Book2      Test Questions   

   Part I. Jesus the Great Teacher

     1. A Look at Christ - The Master Teacher

     2. Christís Approach To Peoplesí Problems

     3. Christís Masterful Use of Questions

     4. Christís Use of Motivation

     5. Christís Use of the Points of Contact

   Part II. Bible Study Leaders & Their Duties

     1. What are the leadership positions needed

     2. What are the duties of general officers

     3. What are the duties of class workers

     4. What is the relationship of workers

     5. What is the flow chart of the workers

   Part III. Sunday School Workersí Meetings

     1. Why Should We Have Workers' Meetings

     2. How Should we Conduct Worker's Meetings

     3. Who Should Attend The Workers' Meetings

     4. What Should be Covered In The Workers' Meetings

     5. When Should Workers' Meetings Be Held

     6. What Are The Expected Results of Workers' Meetings

   Part IV. Sunday School Workers Trainings

     1. The Importance of Training

     2. Christ's Example In Training Others

     3. The Necessity for Training

     4. The Values of Training

   Part V. How To Successfully Teach Lesson Materials

     1. More Helps on How To Teach A Lesson

     2. Preparing To Teach The Word of God

   Part VI. How To Lead a Guided Discovery Learning Bible Study

     1. The Importance of Guided Discovery Learning

     2. The Process Used in Guided Discovery Learning

     3. Teaching Methods Integrated With

     4. Guided Discovery Learning

     5. Important Suggestions For Use Of The Guided Discovery Learning Method

     6. Learning How to Prepare Questions For Guided Discovery Learning

   Part VII. Prospecting For Growth In The Bible Class

     1. Growth comes from prospecting.

     2. Growth comes from discovering prospects.

     3. Growth comes from enrolling prospects.

     4. Growth comes from ministering to, caring for, and enlisting prospects.

     5. Growth comes from consistent prospecting efforts.


Book 3  Teaching Techniques 1 & 2 Book3      Test Questions  

   Part I. Teaching Techniques 1

     1 . Fantastic Story Telling

     2. Teaching a Bible Lesson

     3. Gaining and Holding Your Childís Attention

     4. Preparing a Bible Lesson

     5. The Importance of Child Development

     6. Presenting the Gospel Story

     7. Motivating Others for Godís Glory

   Part II. Teaching Techniques 2

     1. Ideas and helps on How to Teach a Lesson

     2. Teaching the Lesson

     3. Preparing to Teach the Word of God

     4. Keys to Unlocking the Word of God

     5. How to Successfully Teach Lesson Materials

     6. The Use of Gestures In Teaching


Book 4  A History of Religious Educators Book4      Test Questions  

    Part One A.D. 1-500

     1 Jesus / Donald Guthrie

     2 Paul / Richard N. Longenecker

     3 Augustine / Howard Grimes

   Part Two A.D. 500-1500

     4 Columba / John Woodbridge

     5 Thomas Aquinas / Joan Ellen Duval

     6 Geert Groote / Julia S. Henkel

   Part Three A.D. 1500-1750

     7 Erasmus / Robert Ulich

     8 Martin Luther / Harold J. Grimm

     9 Huldreich Zwingli / H. Wayne Pipkin

   10 Ignatius of Loyola / George E. Ganss

   11 Philip Melanchthon / Carl S. Meyer

   12 John Knox / Marshall Coleman Dendy

   13 John Calvin / Elmer L. Towns

   14 John Amos Comenius / W. Warren Filkin, Jr.

   15 August Hermann Francke / Kenneth 0. Gangel

   16 Nikolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf / T. F. Kinloch

   Part Four A.D. 1750-1900

   17 John Wesley / Elmer L. Towns

   18 Robert Raikes / Elmer L. Towns

   19 Johann H. Pestalozzi / Gerald Lee Gutek

   20 Johann Friedrich Herbart / Abraham Friesen

   21 Thomas Arnold / William R. Feyerharm

   22 John Henry Newman / Bernard Ramm

   23 Horace Bushnell / Elmer L. Towns

   24 Abraham Kuyper / John H. Kromminga

   25 William James / James Merritt

   26 John Dewey / David H. Roper



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