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Book 1 Pastors Manual Book1      Test Questions   

   1. Your Goals

   2. Your Calling

   3. Your Education

   4. Your Character

   5. Receiving Godís Direction

   6. Your Warfare

   7. Your Words

   8. Your Prosperity

   9. Your Ministry

 10. Your Attitude


Book 2  Healing Manual Book2      Test Questions   

   1. The Healing God

   2. The Rapha Healing Ministry Model

   3. The Healing Ministry of Jesus

   4. Healing and Spiritual Gifts

   5. The Mechanics of Individual and Team Ministry

   6. Dealing with Deeper Problems

   7. Sickness, Curses and Hereditary Problems

   8. Why some are not healed

   9. Healing - A Historical Perspective

 10. Healing Scriptures


Book 3  Parenting is A Ministry Book3      Test Questions  

   1. Godís Purposes for Parents

   2. A Strong Foundation

   3. Loving Communication

   4. Loving Communication

   5. Godís Management Style  

   6. Discipling Your Children

   7. Disciplining Your Children

   8. Disciplining Your Children

   9. Discipline Box

 10. Starting Over


Book 4  Bible, Sex and This Generation Book4      Test Questions  

   1. The Biblical Teaching About Sex

   2. Sexual Sin

   3. Practical Application of Biblical Teachings

   4. Further Biblical Teachings

   5. Further Practical Application of Biblical Teachings


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