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Disciple the Nations

A Global Mission of Equipping and Empowering Christian Leaders

VISION: Christian International School of Theology (CIST Online) is an internet and church-based theological Bible School to provide the most extensive, integrated, Biblically-based, Spirit-anointed, life-transforming curriculum package available in the world today.

MISSION: Our primary goal is to fulfill the Great Commission to Disciple, Train, Equip, and Empower Spirit-Filled Leaders to Disciple Nations and improving Sensitivity to the Voice of God, who adhere to Bible-based Education - REAL LIFE, TRANSFORMATIONAL, BIBLICALLY-GROUNDED, REVELATION-BASED LEARNING.


                   Dr. Edwin M. Gregorio                                      Dr. Michael K. Kung

                  MA.C.Ed, D.Min, Ph.D.                                 MDiv, D.Min, Ph.D, Th.D.

                           Dean/Director                                                 Founder/President

                            CIST Online                                                          CIST Asia

Christian International School of Theology (CIST) is a:

Member- Association of Fundamental Institutions for Religious Education (AFIRE); 

Affiliate- World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Theological Commission;

 Member- Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA);

Member- International Theological Association (ITA);

 Member- World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF)



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